Christmas Otome WIP thread

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Christmas Otome WIP thread

Post by Corynth on Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:25 pm

Christmas Otome is the sequel to Valentines Otome and the third entry in the "Holiday Otome" series. It will (ideally) be shorter and less complex than Valentines Otome was.


Name: Maia Cosgrove (name changeable) is the protagonist of this game.
Personality: Smart, serious and quiet
Occupation: University student and part-time waitress. Occasionally volunteers at the hospital.

With graduation drawing near and Emma's relationship getting serious, Maia starts to wonder about her future. Should she listen to her parents and return home or try to make it here in the city? A chance encounter leaves her with just a couple months to melt a frozen heart but can this super serious girl do it?

Love Interests:
Maia has a type : blond and serious.

Her high school crush

A new coworker

A customer at Joseph'S


Script:~ 10000 (prologue is complete~)
Coding: 0%
GUI: 0%
Sprites: 60%
CG's: 0 %
This will be a 'pay what you want' game but you will be able to play it for free as well.


1) Which blond is your favourite?
2) What do you think of Maia as a protagonist?
3) Are you interested in playing this game? If so, why?
4) What caught your attention about it?
5) Have you played the previous 2 games?

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